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We started Aries Laser Designs to augment our firearms company, a move which is a helpful adjunct to in-house marking and engraving of our manufacturing products. We decided to extend these capabilities to a variety of substrates and products you find on our website. 

Firearms Laser Engraving

Custom Engraving Service

With years of technological experience and handling of firearms and related parts, Aries Laser Designs is adept at receiving, marking, and engraving your firearms and any gun part(s) you desire. Partnering with our manufacturing company which holds FFL standing, we are able to receive your firearms through the mail and send them back to you securely, custom marked or engraved, with 110% care and precision. Extensive military training and knowledge of many types of guns enable us to literally deliver a quality service to you. Firearms can be sent through the mail. Please call for form fill in information in sending firearms to the below address.  Firearms can also be dropped off at this FFL address, M-F 8am-6pm: 

8360 Chapel Hill Road
Cary, NC 27513 

Engraved Firearms Products 

Since we are privy to dealership prices and thousands of firearms parts, we are able to sell you a myriad of quality gun parts which we dynamically pre-engrave at reasonable prices. If you do not see a part available we can order and engrave it for you. 


All Other Products

The sky is the limit regarding the type and amount of products that we are able to laser engrave for you. Our products section does not even begin to showcase the number of items available.


Substrates We Can Engrave/Mark


  • Wood (can also cut)

  • Acrylic (Extruded and Cast; can also cut)

  • Glass

  • Coated Metals

  • Ceramics

  • Delrin (can also cut)

  • Cloth (can also cut)

  • Leather (can also cut)

  • Marble

  • Matboard (can also cut)

  • Melamine (can also cut)

  • Paper (can also cut)

  • Mylar (can also cut)

  • Pressboard (can also cut)

  • Rubber (can also cut)

  • Wood Veneer (can also cut)

  • Fiberglass (can also cut)

  • Painted Metals

  • Tile

  • Brick

  • Plastic (can also cut)

  • Cork (can also cut)

  • Corian (can also cut)

  • Anodized Aluminium

  • Twill (can also cut)

  • Stainless Steel

  • Brass

  • Titanium 

  • Bare Metal


Pistol Slides or AR Engraving:

-One Time Set  Up Fee - $35
-Image Engraving - $60 
-Text Engraving - $60

Knife Engraving:


-One Time Set Up Fee - $35

-Engraving on handle or blade - $50 
-Small text or initials - $35

Various Engraving (on wood, signs, metal, plastic, other substrates, etc.):


-One Time Set Up Fee - $35 
-Engraving (small to large 
areas of text or imagery): 
$35 to $120


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