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Reclaim Your Space -
Reclaim Your Life!

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Welcome to Your Organizer! My name is Lauren Resnik and I am here to help 

you organize your spaces in your home. I love to turn "junk rooms" around and create usable, functional, beautiful spaces for people. It is life-changing. 

How It Works:  Call or email me for a free email consultation or arrange to schedule a $40 in-home consultation.


     For Free Email Estimate: You can email me several photos of your current room/area which needs organizing and I will email you an estimate at no cost. After we schedule the first day of organizing, a $100 deposit is required before I arrive at your house. This deposit is included into the total cost of your finished organized room/area.

     For In-Home Estimate: A $40 non-refundable fee is required before arrival at your house. I will give you and estimate, take photos of the space to be organized, and schedule permitting, I will get started immediately on organizing your space. An initial $100 deposit is required.


For all estimates, call 866-985-3039 or email me at

Cost: The cost ranges on the size of the room and the level of disorder; these determine how long it will take and so the cost. Your organization can take from one day to several days. You will receive an estimate for two costs: 1) the organization of the entire space and 2) the bins, shelves, and other necessary organizing tools.


For a better idea of costs, take a look at our Before and After rooms. The rate is $25/hour, with hours written in your estimate. 

Some customers request a small level of design included in their organization for a "complete package"; they request the form and function/order and beauty look for a brand new room - a fresh start. This includes minor painting and other decor upgrades to compliment your new organization and storage system.  If you choose this, the cost will be included in your day one estimate. 

What You Get: Here is a list of what you receive for your room organization - 

  • Full organization of items in areas requested, sorted, categorized, and put into color-matching bins/containers

  • Labels created for each bin. Different types of labels are available, according to types of bins and your preference.

  • Shelving for bins purchased if necessary

  • Full cleaning of floors and shelving before the new bins and/or shelves are placed

  • Floor/heavier items re-arranged to compliment new storage system.

                                                 Extra Decor Organization:

  • Painting

  • Matching accessories chosen and purchased for you (extra cost) e.g. pillows, unique containers for the decor, flowers, picture frames, signs, custom requests, etc. 

End Result: I strive to not just re-organize your space, but instill a system for you that can be used and maintained long-term. The goal is to make your new space highly organized and functional for you for years to come, with minor "spruces" and cleaning along the way. I want you to have less time worrying about where to put things and more time enjoying life! With an effective system in place, you and your family should have a place for everything and everything in its place. 

I organize according to needs of children, elderly, pets, and most frequently used items for you. 

Here are examples of Before and After rooms that Your Organizer has organized:

Laundry Room Shelves B and A.jpg


Laundry Room With Extra Decor Total Cost: $800

Laundry Collage Before and Afters.jpg
Laundry Washer Dryer After.jpg
Laundry Sink Before and After.jpg
Laundry Window Before and After.jpg

Linen Closet

Linen Closet Before and After.jpg

Water Heater 
Room With Extra
Decor Total Cost:

Water Heater Room Before.jpg
Water Heater Room After2.jpg
Water Heater Room After.jpg

Front Entry 
Organization and 

Front Entry Before and After.jpg

Guest Room 
Organization and
Re-Design: $450

Guest Room Before and After.jpg

Office Organization
and Extra Decor:

Office Completion.jpg
Barn Room B and A.jpg

Barn Storage 
Room Organization:

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