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- A pair of Chinese Feng Shui Couplets to hang outside front doors of homes and restaurants to bring good luck and prosperity.

- Signs measure 6" x 12" each, laser engraved to perfect dimensions and representation of Chinese calligraphy

- Signs are acrylic, waterproof, UV stable, exterior quality material called Rowmark Ultra-Grave; "engineered with a durable UV stable polymer cap in refreshingly vibrant colors, laminated over a tough acrylic core"

- The Couplets are used by most Chinese families and business, whether in Hong Kong Kuala Lumpa, Singapore, USA or the UK, they are very powerful and are said to ward of all evil and bring peace, happiness and good fortunes to the occupants if displayed in the correct way.

- Red is a very lucky colour for the Chinese, it frightens off the New Year monster ‘Nian’ who arrives at this time of year and destroys crops and homes. “Nian” has three weaknesses: it was frightened by noise, sunshine, and the colour red. So villagers built fires, set off firecrackers, and painted the doors to their houses red and placed red couplets beside the doors. Red to the Chinese also represents good fortune, fame and riches.

Shiny Red Chinese Couplets for New Year Feng Shui

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