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- These are one-of-a-kind laser engraved cheek risers, both sides engraved of each riser. Four sides total are engraved. The "Nous Defions" - "We Defy" - is the special forces logo widely used across USSOCOM circles. You will be hard-pressed to find these engraved like this at this price. ***LIMITED SUPPLY***

- Subdued engraving for understated, subtle look for your shotgun. 

- Brand new Magpul SGA Low Cheek Riser Kit for Remington SGA 870 Shotgun Stock, includes two risers: .25" and .50"
- Magpul Part # MAG463-BLK

- "Compatible with the Magpul SGA Stock, The SGA Low Cheek Riser Kit allows the user to configure their shotgun with the ideal cheek piece height to accommodate a wide range of sight/optic configurations and shooter preferences. The Riser Kits are available in two configurations, Low and High. This Low kit includes one (1) 0.25" cheek riser and one (1) 0.50" cheek riser"

Magpul SGA Low Cheek Riser Kit "Nous Defions"

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